Apr 21

CraigsList.org Banner

A new customer courtesy of the need to stand out on Craig’s List.

Moving company CraigsList.org banner

Moving company banner to display on CraigsList.org

I am hoping this order is in response to a growing need for graphics on CraigsList.org. This was a rush job, but buyer provided me every thing I needed to create this banner quickly. With logos and text it is easy to come up with something eye catching.

Apr 21

Another banner for CraigsList.org

This is an order from a previous customer…

CraigsList Banner

Another banner to draw attention on CraigsList.org

The most sincere show of appreciation for a job well done a customer can give it to purchase again. Thanks!

Dec 24

A CraigsList.org Ad Graphic For Five Bucks

It had been a long time since I last visited Craig’s List so I had forgotten graphics with ads were even an option. So when I was asked to create one I had to check it out again.


The buyer supplied the photos, the text and the logo. I appreciate it when everything I need is supplied right with the order.

Nov 27

Another Banner Deal

In 3 different sizes

In 3 different sizes

This was a bit off the wall, at the buyer’s request.

The buyer of this banner that I was asked to make in 3 sizes is going to be a good customer. Vagabond Travel is going to aggressively market its soon to launch new website with a very unique competition open to anyone who speaks, reads and writes English. The company is looking for a someone to be an on camera spokesperson, and that person will trek around the planet.

One person is going to get to travel all over the world for a year, that’s a full 365 days. The individual need only send in a photo and a brief. written explanation as to why they want to be the the Vagabond Travel spokesperson. If what they have to say is accepted that person is added to the list of semi-finalists, from which one person will be selected to be the spokesperson. Semi-finalists need to recap their original reason on video, and will be selected based on a 50/50 split of votes from Vagabond Travel staff and the general public. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 18

Transparent Background Banner Just 5 Dollars

This is a banner created for a customer who needed it to have a transparent background so that no matter where is was displayed it would look integrated into the page design.

The page it is embedded in is yellow and green and the banner sits right on the line break and would have looked unattractive it if had a solid colour background.

To see the banner placement visit this page on VagabondTravel.ca

Nov 14

Two Banners For $5

I usually don’t do this, give a customer 2 banners for just $5 but I felt guilty charging anything for just shrinking down a website header. The two banners below were created for My Canine Pal and are to be displayed on Chew Toys For Dogs. I took me all of 10 minutes to find a photo, download it and the copyright release, and create the banners so $5 was a fair rate.

The top banner is the shrunk down website header. The lower one I created because on a white background it made it appear as if the writing was floating above the page, making it stand out without being glaring.

Oct 05

Yes You Can Have Adult Banners For $5

example of a banner-160x600

I haven’t done much publicizing of the fact I do banners for adult products or services websites because over 90% of the banners I do are for mainstream promotions. Lately though, I have been getting a lot of inquiries asking if I will do over 18 audience content banners. I thought I’d best answer publicly… yes.

The other reason I do not promote this segment of the banner creation market much is because part of the monetization of this site is derived from Google Adsense and other mainstream advertisers. They do not appreciate having mention of anything related to the niche on a page, so I minimize mention of it.

Graphics are graphics as far as I am concerned. Obviously there are limits based on both the law and my own, personal moral code. For example, I prefer not to assist in the marketing of websites the promote violence against women. I appreciate that it is simulated violence, but I choose not to bother with it. I hope it would go without saying that if the content is even slightly in question as to legality I’ll decline the job.

I will accept jobs for alcoholic beverages and tobacco, which are products for people over 18 years of age… or are least are supposed to be. I personally don’t smoke, and I consume very little alcohol. However, it is not my place to say others should or should not do so.

These example banners are pretty tame, so I used them as an example because I found posts on this site without graphics are not viewed.

An example of a 718X90 pixel leader-board banner.

Aug 05

Satisfied Customers Reorder

Skyscraper banner that cost just $5

A cheap skyscraper banner in jpg format cost just $5

The point of this post is to again show examples of what I create for just $5. In this case a 160×600 banner that was a second order. The post is also to make a point that to grow a business, any business, you need to have satisfied customers who remain loyal.

A matter of days after placing an initial banner order for a $5 skyscraper banner I received a second order. Once again I over delivered because I couldn’t make up my mind which version the customer would like better.

I received a scathing email from another graphic artist that I was undercutting the industry. Actually I’m not, but it was nice to hear someone who obviously was overcharging was annoyed with me costing he or she business.

My $5 banners deals have limitations that make them profitable to do. Firstly, for $5 the banners are static, meaning nothing moves. Animated gif and flash banners cost much, much more and are jobs I take on a case by case, quote basis. Also, the buyer has to provide the images or accept what I have in my stock photo library. I do not spend hours looking through stock photo libraries to find the perfect image and then pay for the copyright license to allow me to use the image. Also, the customer must provide the text, or at least points to be made in the banner. Lastly, I only allow a single edit. That single edit can include numerous changes, but I will only make changes once.

So, am I undercutting on price?

When all is said and done I don’t think so. I have my cheap, $5 banner deal set up so that I can make 50 cents to as much as $1 a minute, start to finish. That’s pretty much the industry average, so my conscience is clear.

Aug 05

Skyscraper Banner For $5

Skyscraper banner ad

$5 Skyscraper banner

This is one of those situations that come up. I finished a banner design, the one on the far left, and sent it to the customer. I was intended as a mock up to see if there was anything he wanted changed. He loved it.

Trouble was, I didn’t think it had enough punch so I redid it and sent the second idea before I received the thumbs up for the first one. In such cases I ended up doing the second banner gratis.

Once a banner is done and I have the PSD file, it takes less than a minute to modify, so usually I will do a couple of changes for free. Ditto I am do a couple of versions of the same banner in the hope one will be accepted without needing any changes at all. Usually that is what happens.

The norm is for graphic artists to watermark banners submitted for consideration with something like, “SAMPLE”. I don’t bother. At $5 each, it is all about producing and acceptable end product in as short a period of time possible, so I eliminate the added step of watermarking everything but the final version.

Anyway, I have no idea which banner the customer will use, but besides getting paid I got an awesome testimonial, so bonus for me and I am happy. Plus he immediately ordered another.

Testimonial: Killer work at ridiculously cheap prices. I bet I got 4-5 “Do you like this? Want any changes?” from this artist for every order I make. With other graphic artists it a, ‘Here ya go, live with it’ even it the work is substandard. Len makes sure you are happy. AAA+ !!!

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